Technology Profile

Current technology using antibodies, siRNA, and small molecule compounds enables only 400 out of 3,000 disease-inducing genes to be targeted by drugs. The fact that 85% of targets such as scaffold proteins, regulators, aggregates, transcription factors are still undruggable is a limitation yet to be overcome, and the side effects and resistance of pre-existing drugs are demanding the introduction of a next generation drug.

Conventional technology has its weaknesses in certain drug profiles, such as intracellular target, tissue permeability, and administration route. Degraducer® technology, however, is a powerful platform technology that satisfies all profiles.

Division Antibody siRNA Small molecule compound Degraducer®
Intracellular target X O O O
Whole body distribution O O X O
Tissue permeability Poor Poor O O
Target protein elimination X O X O
Bioavailability X X O O
High efficacy and selectivity O O Poor O
Administration route IV/SC IV/SC PO/IV/SC PO/IV/SC